Give Me Five


A while ago I was talking with a friend and we were musing over the human capacity for skills and abilities after watching a documentary about master sommaliers. We mutually concluded that most people would be able to be extremely knowledgable in 2 or 3 things. However, this all depends on the proximity of the different things, and how early a person begins developing their specific skills. If someone were to be smart about their goals they could probably master 5 different things. Tonight I’ve been thinking quite a bit about cognition, motivation and all of those other jazzy psychology themes, so I thought it would be fun to compose my own list of things I would like to learn about.

1. Linguistics – This is a bit of a fun one for me. I’ve done quite a bit of reading about the topic on my own time and, as an aspiring linguist, it just seems appropriate.

2. Java – Programming is a long-time interest and a first-time venture of mine. It’s been a nagging goal of mine to create an app, so I’d love to gain a decent amount of insight on programming (particularly in Java, since I’ve heard that most apps are written in this language).

3. World Geography/History – I’ve paired these two together since I often find that they can sometimes be closely related, despite being two completely different subjects. Unlike programming, this area isn’t completely alien for me. They’ve always been an interest of mine, and I’d like to think that my knack for memorization and ability to stockpile dates into my memory has, and will continue, to put me a tier above the average man within this jurisdiction.

4. Rhetoric – Like linguistics, I think this comes along with my profession. It’s a broad subject, with a lot that can be learned. I also think that being able to identify and inveigle rhetorical devices is an excellent and highly underestimated skill. Honestly, I don’t know much about the subject matter, but it’s interesting and useful.

5. Videography – While those who know me won’t deny that I’m dangerously inept when it comes to photography, I’d like to think they would say otherwise about my videography. I used to make YouTube videos (and will resume doing so in the near future), but during this time I remember dedicating a ridiculous amount of time editing, processing and filming. I was so meticulous with everything, and while I may not have had the highest quality of production equipment or editing software, I did manage to amass quite a few followers as a highschooler. It was a great hobby and I learned a lot – I cannot wait to fall back into this pursuit of mine.

And that’s it! Boring – I know. I think I may add gardening, pets and tea to the list when I join the ranks of the retired and elderly. There’s a lot to gardening, but being a student confined to an apartment doesn’t leave much lenience for exploration. I guess I’ll just have to wait for that one.